Public video Disclaimers

Public video Disclaimers


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The content of this channel, and its websites, is provided for informational and entertainment purposes ONLY. For legal reasons, the statements, services and products in this channel are not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease or health problem. Healing Sounds Reiki (asmr) and cannot be held responsible for the interpretation and actions of individual users. Not intended to replace the advice of your own legal, medical, mental, business or financial professional expert. I’m not a medical physician or any other medical healthcare professional, a counselor nor a psychologist. Thank you.

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Namaste 🙏 Ellen

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My greatest aspiration is to meet my soul family, to connect and grow together!
It is therefore with great pleasure that I open my door to you.
I believe we are on earth to learn and evolve for the benefit of all of us. My passion, hobby and work is to grow.
I am and will remain on my spiritual path for eternity because that is where my heart is.
I hope that through my Healing videos on Youtube, you will find not only healing, support and love, but also empowerment, guidance and practical suggestions on how to deal with your personal situation.
Ellen is a certified USUI Reiki Master Level III, a singer-songwriter and Sound Therapist. She’s an intuitive Tarot Reader.
In her work, she creates a safe space where she uses Reiki, Sound healing Tarot and teachings, to heal body, mind and spirit and promote a sound sleep.

The Reiki and sound healing sessions bring deep relaxation by decreasing your overactive mind, which promotes better sleep and self-healing but also calm, serenity, joy and happiness.

They are more particularly geared toward victims of anxiety, stress, “Monkey mind syndrome”, depression, insomnia or other sleep disorders and also burnout fatigue (from work or social media, such as TikTok burnout, Instagram burnout or YouTube burnout).

It is also suited for people who feel lost, with low self-esteem or with no purpose, who need personal or spiritual guidance.