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Sress and sleep Hypnosis

Wow! This was amazing, I was completely swept away in the sounds. Deeply relaxing. Thank you Ellen, utterly brilliant! Do you have any more meditations like this one? Much love and many blessings to you 💜x

Frances Meditator

Throat Chakra Balancing

This was the most beneficial chakra cleanse that I have ever heard. Thank you so much for your beautiful gift of Teachings and music selections. Just wonderful! 🙏🏻

Sheri Meditator

Third Eye Chakra Balancing

Really helpful for my third eye focus practice. Thank you so much!!

Peter Meditator

Course A Holistic Approach To Sound Sleep

This is just what I have been needing since CoVid stress severely disrupted my sleep patterns. This course has given me a broad framework & tools to help me better manage my sleep & improve my quality of life. Thank you for sharing these invaluable insights & wisdom.

Ilse Meditator

Love Reiki Energy Healing

Beautiful, my heart didn’t know how much it needed your guidance.

IRA Meditator

Shamanic Sound Healing Journey

I’m blown away! This was magical, I got sucked in to the music! Felt almost dizzy, so hypnotizing! This was amazing! Done it two times! Will do it more! Thank you magical soul for creating this divine piece!

Magdalena Meditator

Guidance : When And How Did We Lose Our Freedom

This is so interesting and so important! I learned so much - thank you. I will be listening to this again and again in order to absorb it all and to work on the techniques you suggest.

Mary Meditator

Yoga Nidra For Sleep

Great meditation , sooooo soft and relaxing. A caress for the senses. Thank you so much 🙏🏼

Ingrid Meditator

Learn To Control Your Thoughts

Dear Ellen, you are amazing. This meditation is the best I've found in helping me learn how to Stop the constant narration in my head. It is also helping me understand how to stay in the moment by not holding on to any other moment - just seeing but not looking...hearing but not listening...moving from one moment to the next. Thank you for this brilliant meditation. Namaste

Maureen Meditator

Finding Clarity In Perturbed Time

Ellen, you are a true artist. The way you combine sound with voice and your delivery of instructions is unlike anyone else. You’re a genius! Thank you for making such helpful meditations. ❤️

Megane Meditator

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath For Stress

I feel a real relief. Thank you 🙏

Dawn Meditator


Podcast, articles, videos, spiritual guidance, Tarot and other divination arts.

*Please note that while the techniques and practices offered on this website may include the use of hypnosis, the owner and operator of this website is not a certified hypnotherapist and does not offer professional hypnotherapy treatments. The use of hypnosis is intended as a tool for relaxation and mindfulness, and the teachings on this website should not be considered a substitute for professional medical or psychological care. The owner and operator of this website, Ellen Mouton, is a mindfulness and meditation teacher, a Singer-songwriter, guided meditation and sound healing artist and the information provided on this website is for educational and self-help purposes only.

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My greatest aspiration is to meet my soul family, to connect and grow together!
It is therefore with great pleasure that I open my door to you.
I believe we are on earth to learn and evolve for the benefit of all of us. My passion, hobby and work is to grow.
I am and will remain on my spiritual path for eternity because that is my call.
I hope that through my Mindfulness practises, hypnosis, and guided meditations on my website and on Youtube/@VoiceofMindfulness, you will find not only healing, support and love, but also empowerment, guidance and practical suggestions on how to deal with your personal situation.
Ellen is a Professional Mindfulness and meditation teacher, a singer-songwriter and Sound Therapist. She is certified USUI Reiki Master Level III. She’s an intuitive Tarot Reader.
In her work, she creates a safe space for you to heal body, mind and spirit and promote a sound sleep.

The ASMR Reiki, hypnosis and sound healing sessions bring deep relaxation by decreasing your overactive mind, which promotes better sleep and self-healing but also calm, serenity, joy and happiness.

They are more particularly geared toward victims of anxiety, stress, “Monkey mind syndrome”, depression, insomnia or other sleep disorders and also burnout fatigue (from work or social media, such as TikTok burnout, Instagram burnout or YouTube burnout).

It is also suited for people who feel lost, with low self-esteem or with no purpose, who need personal or spiritual guidance.

Avec plus d’un million d’écoutes sur InsightTimer et plus de 4,5 millions de vues sur YouTube, Ellen révèle vos émotions pour vous soutenir dans votre parcours vers la guérison et l’éveil spirituel.