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People with anxiety disorders often have difficulty falling asleep at night due to their constant worry and racing thoughts. This can lead to restless nights spent tossing and turning in bed, which can further exacerbate anxiety and make it even harder to get a good night's rest.There are a number of different factors that can contribute to anxiety and make it harder to sleep. For so

Halloween is a time for fun and celebration, but is not just a party celebration, it can also be a time for healing old wounds and negative energy. A Reiki session can help to clear out any lingering negative energy, making way for positive energy and healing.

Sleep disorders are common, and if left untreated, can impact your life. Not only can they affect your mood and ability to concentrate, but they can also interfere with your school and work performance. In addition, it may also affect your weight and your overall health. For these reasons, it is important to see a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment. Insomnia is a common sleep

The new moon in Scorpio on October 25th, 2022 will be a special event. Scorpio is a sign that is known for its intensity, and this new moon will be no exception. Here are two things to expect from the new moon in Scorpio on October 25th, 2022.

The most common misconception about burnout is that it occurs when someone works too hard or works too long. However, other factors can be just as detrimental. According to a World Health Organization report, high job demands, low control, and effort-reward imbalance are factors that contribute to burnout.

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My greatest aspiration is to meet my soul family, to connect and grow together!
It is therefore with great pleasure that I open my door to you.
I believe we are on earth to learn and evolve for the benefit of all of us. My passion, hobby and work is to grow.
I am and will remain on my spiritual path for eternity because that is my call.
I hope that through my Mindfulness practises, hypnosis, and guided meditations on my website and on Youtube/@VoiceofMindfulness, you will find not only healing, support and love, but also empowerment, guidance and practical suggestions on how to deal with your personal situation.
Ellen is a Professional Mindfulness and meditation teacher, a singer-songwriter and Sound Therapist. She is certified USUI Reiki Master Level III. She’s an intuitive Tarot Reader.
In her work, she creates a safe space for you to heal body, mind and spirit and promote a sound sleep.

The ASMR Reiki, hypnosis and sound healing sessions bring deep relaxation by decreasing your overactive mind, which promotes better sleep and self-healing but also calm, serenity, joy and happiness.

They are more particularly geared toward victims of anxiety, stress, “Monkey mind syndrome”, depression, insomnia or other sleep disorders and also burnout fatigue (from work or social media, such as TikTok burnout, Instagram burnout or YouTube burnout).

It is also suited for people who feel lost, with low self-esteem or with no purpose, who need personal or spiritual guidance.

Avec plus d’un million d’écoutes sur InsightTimer et plus de 4,5 millions de vues sur YouTube, Ellen révèle vos émotions pour vous soutenir dans votre parcours vers la guérison et l’éveil spirituel.