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emotional healingFinding Clarity In Perturbed Times

Finding Clarity In Perturbed Times

These difficult times teach us that we can no longer rely on a stable reality, nor can we take our lives for granted.

In reality, we have never had control over them.

It has always been and remains an illusion.

There is no life insurance, retirement insurance, no job, house or contract that can bring a sense of stability and security within us.

Today, we are learning to see more clearly and to cultivate our resilience to see a better future again despite the current chaos.

Nothing outside of us will bring us peace and once found, nothing outside of us should take it away.

Life is not predictable even if we think it is, because of our brain which calculates probabilities based on existing data, and gives us this impression.

If this was the case, would we doubt? Wouldn’t we be more confident? 

Difficulties and challenges help us evolve. To redirect the GPS of our lives 

They tell us, “you were going in the wrong direction”. 

It’s a new chance to make things right.

Life is a school and at this moment humanity is learning a lot.

But there is one thing we can count on, and it lies within us.

Close your eyes:

I am timeless means the most significant part of my being is timeless. 

I is permanent

I is always present

I is pure consciousness

Breathe in and out…

To see this clearly, we are invited to change our perceptions

After the chaos comes order and calm

After the storm comes clarity, hope, desire and faith,

it is time for humanity to come together. We can all feel it.

To begin again, together.

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Take a deep breath and exhale…

We are a reflection of the past. And if we don’t want to carry it into our future with suffering and injustice, we must change IN THE PRESENT.

We must change together and ask ourselves:

Why doesn’t the world seem to work anymore? Can’t we just go on living as we did before?

The system is not working for the good of all.

And we know that we know it.

Our level of consciousness is increasing. There is more compassion now, more love and need for unity, and it is beautiful.

Be proud of all the small changes you are making every day.

Be proud of yourselves.

I am proud of you.

Now we need courage to live up to our new knowledge, our new needs, for more justice, peace and freedom and for our communities to transform.



It takes courage to face the many issues that humanity faces right now, but you can do it. We can do it.

We have free will : we can choose who we want to be and what we want to do.

If we want to, we can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution. We can choose what our values are and respect them.

The real question is:

Do I respect myself!

Do I respect myself enough to undertake the immense efforts required of me?

Take a deep breath,

Repeat after me:

I am grateful for past experiences / because they have taught me so much / and now it is time to move on.

I am grateful for past experiences / because they have taught me so much / and now it is time to move on.

That is clarity.

We are done mourning a world that is no more.

No more denying the obvious, no more being angry. No more letting depression distort our reality, no more criticizing…

Today, I decide that it’s over… And that is clarity.

Breathe in the past, the negativity, the suffering, the fear, like a gray cloud and breathe out to recycle it from within into a beautiful colour like purple or orange or apple green.

Breathe in the fear, the negativity, a gray cloud and on the exhalation recycle and transform into a happy colour. 


We will end the session with a mantra. 

I release myself from the past

I have no fear

I AM free

I release myself from the past

I have no fear

I AM free

You will hear a bell to mark the end of the session.


I release myself from the past

I have no fear

I AM free



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