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Tarot reading, how does it work ?

Tarot reading, how does it work ?
In our last article, we learned that prior to the 18ᵉ – 19ᵉ century, the date of the first appearance of the tarot was not only unclear, but widely disputed.
However, all you need to know is that tarot is a knowledge passed down from generation to generation, and has been for a very long time. What would later become “the tarot” is a method created through practical knowledge. From its most archaic form to that of now, its extensive knowledge is readily available, in written form and now online. 
When you take a look at the teachings that are available out there, you might think that there is “one” and only method. This is not the case.

When you take a look at the teachings that are available out there, you might think that there is “one” and only method. This is not the case.

I believe that through time, real life case study information has formed a kind of  method.
Why is it relevant? It is because often what scares people when it comes to learning tarot, is the seeming complexity of the teachings.
Although it is necessary to know a minimum of vocabulary concerning each card, it is in no way mandatory to know the meanings of all 76 cards. If you learn to use your sense of observation and inspiration as well as intuition, you’ll do well.
There are 3 ways to know the tarot. Intellectually, by intuition and by psychic abilities.
Learning the cards
If you look at a card, you will see that it is composed of symbols. Within the character and its characteristics, the environment as well as the background, the objects, the positions, the choice of colors, the signs, letters, words, etc. The good thing is that we know more than we think.
Indeed, in school and even in everyday life, we have learned the meaning of certain symbols. For example, what does red mean? Power, passion (pink makes us think of love), but also warning, anger and authority. This is what emerges from this color, because it is used to codify certain aspects of our lives. For instance, the sign “warning” is indeed red. Or the red flag at the beach, in case of strong winds. Red also represents power.
You can then apply what you already know  to your tarot reading.
I believe there is a certain “logic” in the cards. If you apply what you have learned in life so far, you’ll find that you’ll be able to read the tarot cards quickly.
I’m not saying it’s that easy, but like everything else, it’s often simpler than you think, and mainly practice and experience will help you be relevant and popular.
Tarot and intuition
The second way to read tarot cards is through intuition. You may say that you have little or no intuition, or even that you don’t necessarily know how to “be ” intuitive. It sounds like something you have, or you don’t.
Don’t worry, because this is something that is not only natural, but also available in all of us. It is worth doing an entire article on the subject, so stay tuned for the next articles.
The only thing to remember for now is that intuition is not to be confused with the psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance and clairsentience, or mediumship. But that said, by the way, these gifts are also available to all, but require a longer training, which can be delivered by one of them, but beware of those who claim such abilities. Be discerning and research the person well before hiring them.
Coming back to the cards, intuition is used on two main levels, in my opinion.
One, when choosing the cards and two, when reading the cards.
At the time we intuitively pull  the cards, our hand is guided towards the ones that will facilitate the delivery of the messages. It is surprising, but this is how intuition works. Most of us cannot see the energies, but we can feel attracted to something more than something else.
The information of the subtle world is, as said before, energy. In order for us humans to translate or read it, we need a medium, and that medium can be tarot or any other divination art. We are therefore filters or conduits.
At the level of the reading, the intuition is asserted, when certain elements and symbols contained in the card, appear to us first. Obviously, the cards contain so many symbols, some of which are not very visible, that it is not possible to use them all in the same session. This is where we understand that knowing the cards on an intellectual level will only help us halfway. You will see that the intellectual meaning of each card is varied and even contradictory. This is because it depends on the context and the querent.
Using your intuition allows for more precise and personalized readings. It is thus as important and even more important in my opinion than intellectual knowledge, even if the latter is unavoidable, because the cards do not lie. 
Tarot and psychic gifts
As I mentioned earlier, intuition and psychic gifts are different, even if both are accessible to everyone. They are not magical powers.
Technically, psychics and mediums do not need cards or any other divination tools to read energies. However, many of them use them in order to validate the information they receive, and add more because once again the cards do not lie.
In conclusion, you don’t need intuition or to be a psychic to read tarot cards for yourself or others.
Knowledge through intellectual learning is sufficient. But it is obvious that to be more successful with clients, accuracy and the ability to tap deeper into their energies, will be even more effective and appreciated.
This is what intuition can offer you. As for psychic gifts, they are the icing on the cake of course, but I think many of us see the advantages of such “powers” without considering the disadvantages. Having such gifts is intrusive and can even be scary.
Understand that suddenly seeing and hearing phenomena could make you question your sanity.
I don’t think that living without real control over what “appears” in our reality is all that glamorous.
Finally, what would you say if dead people that you don’t know come to visit you unexpectedly or even in the middle of the night to deliver a message?
I leave you to meditate on this.
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Have a good week to all of you.
Know that if you ever have questions—I’m only an email away.

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Ellen Mouton, founder of Healing Sounds Reiki on YouTube, is a Sound and Energy Healing Artist, certified USUI Reiki Master Level III, and Sound Therapist. She's a Singer-songwriter, as well as an intuitive Tarot Reader. In her videos she creates a safe space where she uses her Art to heal body, mind and spirit and promote sound sleep. She offers Sound and Energy healing Art sessions in her community, privately and collectively during Sound and Energy Healing Concerts live or in streaming and on YouTube @healingsoundsreiki . After an epic spiritual awakening in 2015, she becomes a “pillar of Light”. ► Sound and Energy Healing Art group sessions - Registration: https://cutt.ly/GroupHealing ► Complimentary e-book, Grab it while it is free ! Overthinking Leads To burnout : 7 Steps To Slow Down An Overactive Mind → Click to claim it (or paste): https://cutt.ly/OverActiveMindEbook

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